In 1896, long before this mining town was named Allanridge, two British prospectors dug a shaft on the farm Aandenk, removed some promising-looking ore and set off for London to have it analysed. Unfortunately the two prospectors and their ore ended up at the bottom of the sea when their liner sank. Several years later, […]


This typical Free State rural town was established in 1859 on the lovely Vanwyksvlei Farm in an area characterised by saltpans. The town was named after Jacobus Boshof, the then president of the Orange Free State and was the western administrative capital of the old Orange Free State. Today, Boshof acts as the administrative centre […]


The town of Bothaville, established in 1891 as a church parish called Botharnia is situated at the confluence of the Vals and Vaal Rivers. In 1893 the town received municipal status and was renamed Bothaville. Bothaville is located in one of the corners of the so-called “Maize Triangle” and was officially recognised as the “Maize […]


Established in 1866 and named after the president of the Free State, President Brand, Brandfort is today a mixed-farming centre and is also known as the place to which Winnie Mandela was banished during the Apartheid era. The government at the time thought that this move would minimise her influence on the disgruntled Africans in […]


Bultfontein was established in 1874 on one side of the farm, Kameeldoorns. Bultfontein is in a mainly farming district that gets its water from the Sand-Vet irrigation system. Several farmers in the district breed pedigree cattle; Herefords, Limousins and Fries/Holsteins. Other interesting farming activities include the cultivation of cut flowers on the farm Rondepan, 10 […]


Dealesville is located in typical prairie country characterised by saltpans and thermal springs. The world-renowned archaeological site at Florisbad lies approximately 40 km out of town. Established in 1914, Dealesville supports mainly mixed-farming activities and the harvesting of salt. Adventure And Sport Hunting: The farm, Mooihoek, in the Dealesville district offers hunting facilities. Contact the […]


This town was named for one of South Africa’s former Prime Ministers, JBM Hertzog. There are several cattle stud farms in the district. Adventure Tourism Hunting: Some of the farms in the area arrange hunting expeditions. Contact the Municipality for more information. Adventure And Sport Sport: The town has facilities for bowling, netball, tennis and […]


Hoopstad was established on the farm Kameeldoorns in 1875. The town lies on the northern bank of the Vet River and borders the Sandveld Nature Reserve. It is situated in the rich maize-producing area of the Free State and is renowned for its many Afrikaner cattle studs and game farms. However, there are also several […]


Odendaalsrus was established in 1899 by the Dutch Reformed Church on the farm Kalkkuil and for many years, was one of the most isolated towns in the Free State. An almost impassable track through the flat, sandy terrain caused more than one vehicle, even ox wagons, to become bogged down in the soft sand. However, […]


This town, founded in 1906, bears the name of Colonel Helgaard Theunissen, commandant of the Winburg Commando during the Anglo-Boer War. Theunissen lies in the centre of the Province and is surrounded by rich agricultural land. It is only 15 km from the Vet River and the Erfenis Dam from which it receives its water. […]