Aggeneys means “Place of Water”, an appropriate name for a town that developed around an oasis. Until the 1970s, when significant mineral deposits were found, Aggeneys was nothing more than a small collection of cottages built around a post office and a store. Today, it is a mining complex, for silver, copper, lead and zinc. […]

Alexander Bay

Alexander Bay is the most northerly town on the West Coast, established at a spot where the Orange River generously deposited diamonds over a very long period. Diamonds have been mined at Alexander Bay since they were first discovered in 1826. Sir James Edward Alexander founded the town in 1836. In later years, the land […]


Brandvlei was named after an old “Trekboer” (migrant farmer) called “Ou Brand”, who was the first to settle in the marshy area. He was soon joined by other farmers and a community developed. Brandvlei saw tragedy in 1961 when a flash flood crashed down upon the village with such fury that it was literally cut […]


The religious reformer, John Calvin, would no doubt have been proud of the town named after him, at the foot of the Hantam Mountains and on the banks of the Oorlogskloof River. This town was founded in 1851 and was a hub of religious activity for the farmers of the district who came from all […]


Concordia, 22 km north-east of Springbok, owes its origin to the missionary zeal of the Rhenish Mission Society. Dating from 1852, it was also the site of copper mining operations and served as temporary headquarters for Boer forces during the Anglo-Boer War. History and Architecture Concordia Graveyard: The graves of Rhenish missionaries are next to […]


Fraserburg lies on a high plateau north of the Nuweveld Mountains. Originally inhabited by the San, a town came into existence in 1852 after white farmers had settled in the area. The town was named after a Scotsman, the Reverend Colin Fraser. Architecture enthusiasts and laymen alike will appreciate the many well-preserved Victorian buildings that […]


Every year, thousands of visitors come to Garies (the Khoisan word for “couch grass”) to view the wonder of the wild flowers. To the east lie the mountains and to the west the sea. The town was established in 1845 on land that was given to the Dutch Reformed Church by a farmer. The town […]

Hondeklip Bay

The name of this town can be literally translated as “Dog Rock Bay”. Some believe that the town was named after a 5-m-high rock next to the police station that resembles a sitting dog. Another theory is that a pack of wild dogs, which had done a lot of damage to local flocks, were finally […]


Kamieskroon is built on the strong rock formations of the Kamiesberg Mountains, 67 km south of Springbok. The town originated in 1860, 7 km north of where it is today. The original town was built in a ravine that was too narrow to allow further expansion and in 1924, the town council decided to demolish […]

Kleinzee and Koingnaas

This restricted area lies some 96 km west of Springbok, on the Diamond Coast. The diamond mining operations date back to 1927 and the most southerly operations of the mine, at Koingnaas, only started in the 1970s. The strandveld is in excellent condition, but visitors still need permits to enter the area. Adventure and Sport […]