Deneysville, on the southern banks of the Vaal Dam, was established in 1939 and was named after Deneys Reitz, son of a former President of the Free State. The hunting lodge originally used by Deneys Reitz is on the banks of Vaal Dam and now serves as a church. Deneysville boasts numerous yacht clubs, marinas, […]


This small town, which supports a predominantly farming community, was proclaimed in 1912, and epitomises rural Free State living. For many people a huge poplar grove near the town was so beautiful that it reminded them of the Garden of Eden; hence the name of the town. Edenville is well placed in the fertile prairies […]


The small town of Frankfort was established in 1873, on the banks of the Wilge River. Today, the town boasts a modern holiday resort, campsites and caravan parks. There are also several guest houses and a game farm in the immediate vicinity. The town is renowned for its annual Wilge Marathon in February and the […]


Heilbron lies in the district known the Riemland – “place of thongs”. The thongs are made from the hides of the animals of the vast herds of game that used to roam the open savannah. The long vanished Leghoya people inhabited the area until they were driven away by Zulu and Matabele tribes. The European […]


Kroonstad is the third largest town in the Free State and an important railway junction on the main line from Cape Town to Johannesburg. According to local folklore the town, established in 1855, was named after “Kroon”, the horse of Voortrekker leader Sarel Cilliers. The horse apparently drowned in a pothole in a nearby stream, […]


Oranjeville used to be a halfway stop for wagons travelling between Heilbron, Frankfort and Vereeniging. The town was established on the banks of the Wilge River in 1919 and named after the Netherlands Prince of Orange who was very involved in the upliftment of the people of South Africa at the time. Today, the town […]


According to legend a German land surveyor who had participated in the Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War named the town on the banks of the Vaal River Paris, since it reminded him of Paris on the River Seine. The Vaal River is more than one km wide near the town and is studded […]


The town, established in the early 1950s to provide housing and facilities for SASOL employees, owes its existence to the petro-chemical industry. SASOL’s three plants, (the other two are at Secunda in Mpumalanga) are still the only viable coal-derived oil refineries in the world. Sasolburg is known as the “Garden Town” of the Northern Free […]


This town in the heart of the Maize Triangle was established in 1921 and named after the owner of the farm, JJ Viljoen and his horse, Kroon. The town is renowned for its many stud farms and for its massive grain silos. It is one of the largest grain storage centres in South Africa. Adventure […]