Carletonville was named after Guy Carleton Jones, one of the mining magnates of the area who brought the well-known Blyvooruitzicht Mine (1937), West Driefontein Mine (1945), Doornfontein Mine (1947) and the Western Deep Levels Mine (1957) into production. The Western Deep Levels Mine, with a depth of 3 581 m, is one of the deepest mines […]


Krugersdorp, the capital of the Western Gauteng region, and often referred to as the treasure chest of the West, was established on a portion of the farm Paardekraal and named after Paul Kruger, President of the Transvaal. It was here that over 6 000 Afrikaner men gathered together in December 1880 to pledge their allegiance […]


The Magaliesberg Mountain Range stretches in an arc from just west of Rustenburg, in the North West Province to just east of Pretoria, a 125-km ribbon of quartzite ridges interspersed by forested gorges and crystal-clear mountain streams. Rising 300 m above the surrounding landscape, this 2 000 million year old mountain range forms a natural […]


Muldersdrift, only 10 km from Krugersdorp, is a cosy village nestling in the comforting arms of the Magaliesberg mountain range. Adventure And Sport 4×4: The Bella Vallata 4×4 Playground is a 5-km off-road track only 30 min drive from Johannesburg and is an ideal place for those 4×4 owners who never have time to leave […]


In 1889, the mining financier, JB Robinson, bought the farm Randfontein, started the Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Company and watched as a town was established to serve the mine in 1890. He would hardly recognise the town now as it has grown into a large industrial and residential centre. It is only some 40 km […]

Roodepoort (incl. Florida)

In 1884, the Struben brothers, Fred and Harry, found some gold on the farm Wilgespruit (“Willow Creek”) and were granted the right to mine the area. Unfortunately, the mine did not yield much gold but after George Harrison found the rich gold seam at Langlaagte, many other diggers joined the Struben brothers and several other […]


Westonaria, proclaimed in 1938, developed alongside the Libanon and Venterspost Gold Mines. The town’s history speaks of struggle and endurance as mineshaft after mineshaft was sunk and abandoned time and again. In the two decades after its inception, more successful mines were started by the Western Areas Gold Mining Company (from which the town got […]