Ulundi is the legislative capital of KwaZulu-Natal. It is built on the site of King Cetshwayo’s old capital. The town saw the last battle of the Anglo-Zulu War in July 1879, after which Zululand came under British rule. Today, it is a busy and friendly multicultural town, extending a welcoming hand to all visitors.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Umgungunglovu: This was King Dingane’s residence from 1829 to1838. Excavations are still being undertaken at the site and the interpretive centre helps visitors understand the history of the site.

Culture/Community Tourism

KwaZulu Cultural Museum: The museum provides insight into the rich cultural heritage of the province, tracing time since the earliest inhabitants to development of the great Zulu nation.

Ondini Historic Reserve: Ondini Kraal was built by Cetshwayo in 1873, near the kraal of his father Mpande. The Ondini Site Museum tells us more about the history of the area.

History And Architecture

Battle of Ulundi: The Battle of Ulundi, which saw the final defeat of the Zulu nation, took place to the north-west of town and is commemorated by the Ulundi Battle Monument.

eMahkhosini Valley: The legendary King Shaka grew up in this valley and it can therefore also be considered as the birthplace of the Zulu nation. The valley is rich in culture and history and has a varied assortment of fascinating Stone Age and Iron Age sites. It is also a place of great natural beauty and ecological diversity.

Grave of Senzangakhona: Senzangakhona, King Shaka’s father, was born in 1760 and led the minor Zulu clan until his death in 1816.

Grave of Zulu: Inkosi (Chief) Zulu, believed to be the founder of the Zulu clan, was born in 1600.

kwaGqokli Hill: Three crucial battles established King Shaka as the ruling power in the area between the Thukela and Mkhuze Rivers. The first battle, against the Ndwadwe clan, took place in 1819 at kwaGqokli Hill.

KwaNkata: King Cetshwayo, and possibly Chief Mpande before him, used KwaNkata at the top of a cliff towering above the banks of the White Umfolozi River, as a place of execution.

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