Vanderbijlpark was originally laid out to accommodate the huge workforce needed to operate South Africa’s second steel manufacturing plant. In 1920, the Prime Minister, Jan Smuts, called the scientist, Dr HJ Van der Bijl, back from America to oversee South Africa’s industrial development. Dr van der Bijl subsequently became the chief executive in charge of the South African Iron and Steel Industrial Corporation’s (ISCOR) plant in Pretoria. After World War II, when the demand for steel increased, a second plant was laid out on 10 000 ha of barren ground on the Vaal River. With the establishment of VECOR, the heavy engineering works in 1947, (since closed down), Vanderbijlpark became a model industrial town. The town’s location on the banks of the Vaal River ensured that there would be enough water for the large industries to be established there.

Adventure And Sport

Hiking: The short 7-km and 14-km Zebra and Guineafowl Hiking Trails are the perfect way to enjoy a day in the sun.

Holiday Resorts: There are several holiday resorts on the banks of the Vaal River. Just follow the path of the river and you will come upon one. These resorts also offer several water sport opportunities and facilities.

Water Sport: Motorboaters, skiers, anglers and swimmers make frequent use of the Vaal River waters.

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