Vanderkloof (“Of the Ravine”) was originally built to house the people who built the Vanderkloof Dam, which has the highest wall in the country. The dam was named after the farm on which it was built and lies on the border between the Northern Cape and the Free State.

Adventure and Sport

Hunting: Contact the Northern Cape Hunters’ Association for more information.

Hiking: Hike through the Rolfontein Nature Reserve.

Water sport: A popular holiday resort, the Vanderkloof Dam is approximately 100 km long, providing more than enough space for a variety of water sports such as waterskiing, boardsailing and boating.

Fauna and Flora

Rolfontein Nature Reserve: The reserve protects animals, such as wildebeest, zebra, hyena, cheetah and monkey and some 200 species of birds that live along the north-western side of the Vanderkloof dam. The reserve has hiking trails with overnight huts and picnic facilities.

History and Architecture

Nature Conservation Museum: The museum is situated at the edge of the Vanderkloof Dam.

Vanderkloof Dam Tour: Take a closer look at the spectacular 108-m dam wall and watch a slide show about the history and functioning of the dam.

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