The village, whose name means “Goose Bay”, looks out over beautiful Walker Bay. The name refers to the colony of Egyptian geese that once nested in the nearby freshwater fountain. Several conservation areas have been established to protect the considerable natural attractions of the area.

Adventure And Sport

Angling: Gansbaai is a popular rock- and land-based angling spot.

Diving: Private operators conduct shark tours to examine these magnificent creatures. Great white sharks frequent these waters.

Hiking: Several hiking trails can be used to explore the areas of Bosluis, Byeneskrans and Duiwelsgat.

Surfing and Swimming: Enjoy safe swimming and surfing conditions at Pearly Beach, Uilenkraalsmond and Stanford’s Cove.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Stone Age and San remains at Klipgat Caves: Excavations have uncovered artefacts dating from the Middle Stone Age, as well as remains left by Khoisan groups who used the caves about 2 000 years ago.

Fauna And Flora

Dyer Island: This island is situated 6 km off the Gansbaai shore. It is a breeding colony for jackass penguins. The island was named after Samson Dyer, an African American who lived on the island to collect guano. The island has an abundance of wildlife and has become the feeding ground of the great white shark.

Whales: Southern right whales can often be seen from the cliffs at De Kelders, especially from June to November.

History And Architecture

Danger Point Lighthouse: In early times many ships met their doom on the Gansbaai coast until the lighthouse was constructed in 1895.

Shipwrecks: The wrecks of ships, whose last journeys ended near the Gansbaai shores include the Birkenhead, a British troopship which sank here with the loss of over 400 lives, the Johanna and the Nicobar. The skeletons of these wrecks still lie along the coast.

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