p>This popular holiday destination draws its name (meaning Small Mouth) from its location on a minor mouth of the Bot River. Kleinmond has safe swimming conditions and canoers frequent the lagoon. The entire Kleinmond area, including Hangklip, Rooiels, Pringle Bay and Betty’s Bay is recognised for its significance as a biosphere of extreme natural and botanical significance. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve was proclaimed in 1998.

By the late eighteenth century Hangklip had gained the reputation of being a hideout for deserters and outlaws. They frequently stole livestock from the local farmers but, when they then turned to murder and kidnapping, the authorities tracked them to their hideouts and killed many of them. Today, Hangklip’s rustic atmosphere is enjoyed by anglers, divers and those who need peace and quiet.

The three small lakes at Betty’s Bay offer good swimming, canoeing and board-sailing conditions.

Rooiels is named after the rooiels (red alder) trees that grow along the banks of the river. The small pretty bay is set amidst a coastline of jagged rocks and cliffs. The coastal fynbos reaches almost to the sea.

Beautiful Pringle Bay, at the mouth of the Buffelsrivier, has one of the safest swimming beaches along this part of the coast. Canoes can travel up the river, deeper inland.

Adventure And Sport

Hangklip Coast: The coast can be explored via several walking and hiking trails.

Palmiet River: Canoeing, white-river rafting, tubing and swimming are enjoyed in the river.

Rooiels Lagoon: The Rooiels Lagoon offers safe swimming conditions for children.

Sand-boarding: Silversands Dune is a popular sand-boarding location.

Water-sport: The coastline offers many opportunities for angling, snorkelling, crayfishing, swimming, scuba-diving and surfing.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Cape Hangklip: Cape Hangklip has rendered evidence of human activity dating from the Neanderthal era. Artefacts include several stone hand-axes. The later Khoisan inhabitants also left behind signs of habitation, such as kitchen middens (trash heaps) and fish traps in the caves.

Art And Crafts

Art Route Gallery: The gallery in Clarence Drive exhibits and sells many original works of art.

Fauna And Flora

Bird life: The many different natural habitats of the area are home to a large number of different species of birds.

Fynbos: The Cape Floral Kingdom contains some 8 600 species of fynbos.

Die Mond Nature Reserve: The reserve stretches across the mouth of the Heuningnes River, the lagoon and the dunes that are covered in coastal fynbos. In spring (from late July to September) it is richly carpeted in wild flowers.

Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve: The entire Kleinmond area is a highly significant natural and botanical biosphere and was proclaimed a Biosphere Reserve in 1998. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve covers over 100 000 ha and includes many species of fynbos. In this extremely precious area are the towns of Rooiels, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond.

Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens: The Harold Porter National Botanical Garden has a dramatically beautiful location between the Kogelberg Range and Atlantic Coast near the old whaling station at Betty’s Bay. The waterfalls and small streams of the fynbos landscape are the favourite hang-outs for the resident colonies of baboons. Harold Porter, the businessman who bequeathed this piece of land to the National Botanical Institute, first called it “Shangri-la” because of the beautiful surroundings. The footpaths starting at the cultivated gardens at the foot of the mountains take you into completely unspoilt surroundings. Some of the sights that you will see in the garden are gorges with rich vegetation and waterfalls, as well as mountains. Leopards are still fairly common in the area but these animals are rarely seen since they are shy and prowl mostly at night.

Kleinmond Coastal Nature Reserve: The Palmiet River Lagoon is part of the reserve and is a popular venue for swimming, board-sailing, canoeing and power-boating activities. An extensive network of footpaths leads from the nature reserve through the mountains and to

the adjacent Highlands Forest Reserve. The paths offer wonderful seaside views, as well as views of the floral variety of the area.

Jackass Penguin Reserve: The reserve is at Stony Point and protects the breeding ground of jackass penguins.

Whales: Schools of southern right whales mate and nurse their young in these waters every year from June to November.

Wild Vlei Horses: A herd of free-roaming wild horses have established themselves near the Rooisand Reserve.

History And Architecture

Iron Museum: The museum in Main Road is South Africa’s only museum dedicated to the history of the household chore of ironing and the implements that have been used for it over the ages.

Toy Museum: The museum exhibits a collection of the toys played with by children over many different decades.

Natural Wonders

Cape Hangklip: This awe-inspiring 460-m-high peak projects into the sea and reminds one strongly of the Cape of Good Hope. In fact, many mariners sailing down the East Coast in the past often mistook Cape Hangklip (“Hanging Rock”) for the Cape of Good Hope and believed they were turning into Table Bay. This common mistake led to the bay being called False Bay.

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