The Winelands Region is a mere 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. Apart from the obvious attraction of its superb wines, the region also has great natural beauty and is extremely rich in cultural history.

The beautiful and fertile valleys, set beneath craggy mountains, are covered in vineyards and orchards of ripening fruit. Perhaps the early settlers took their inspiration from the lovely surroundings in order to create the gabled Cape Dutch architecture that characterise most of the historic buildings on the vineyards and in the towns.

The French Huguenots who arrived in 1688 brought their winemaking skills to the country and significantly contributed to the history and culture of the region. The French names of many of the vineyards hark back to these early winemaking days.

The winelands are renowned, not only for their wines, but for many other products as well. The Franschhoek Valley has many producers of cheese, olives and olive oil, herbs and berries.

Visitors are spoilt by the magnificent surroundings that are so typical of the area and, of course, the region boasts some of the best restaurants in the country! Visits to some of the oldest towns in the country will unquestionably exceed every expectation!