Kalk Bay

This small fishing village is the ideal hideaway for tired city souls. Its name, “Lime Bay”, dates back to the seventeenth century when kilns were built here to burn seashells to manufacture whitewash. Formerly a whaling station, the architecture, cuisine, art and crafts of the Kalk Bay of today deserve close inspection.

Adventure And Sport

Swimming: For a leisurely few hours in the sun and surf, visit one of the two tidal pools that allow safe swimming.

Art And Crafts

Kalk Bay Art Gallery: The gallery in Main Road offers a diverse collection of original art of local and international origin including African arts and crafts, watercolours and oils – the different works are just too numerous to name.

Entertainment And Shopping

Boat Trips: Regular boat trips are conducted from the harbour and the fishing boats that return from the day’s work bring with them the anticipation of a good catch. The deep-sea fishing boats also take visitors with them on their trips. As the boats nose their way towards the harbour around noon every day, excited crowds gather to see which has had the best catch of the day. Trips to Seal Island are undertaken regularly. Contact the harbour master for more information.

Shopping: This town is a haven for antique and art lovers, who can spend many happy hours browsing through the shops.

History And Architecture

Holy Trinity Church: Located in Main Road in Kalk Bay, the church is a lovely old stone building with a thatched roof that was built in 1874. The church still features its original windows, regarded as some of the finest examples in the Cape.

Mosque: One of the smallest mosques in the Cape Peninsula can be found here. It is more than a hundred years old and is still in use.

Old Dutch Reformed Church: The church dates back to 1875 and is a classic example of Neo-Gothic architecture. A fortunate art framer now has his shop in this historical building.

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