Southern Peninsula

Southern Peninsula

The blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, beaches and mountains combine to make the South Peninsula one of the most beautiful places on earth. Beach resorts and picturesque fishing villages provide popular family entertainment. One side of the Peninsula faces the open, cold Atlantic Ocean but the eastern, False Bay side is warmed by the Agulhas Current.

The Table Mountain Range stretches down to Cape Point. The Cape Flats are part of the area. Many of the townships and communities were established during the Apartheid era and were thus not well planned. This area also includes parts of the Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve.

Adventure And Sport

Beaches: The South Peninsula has a variety of safe swimming spots.

Hiking: The Table Mountain Chain has many hiking trails to choose from.

Culture / Community Tourism

Diverse towns and suburbs: The many towns and suburbs of the region make up a diverse and multicultural area. Visitors are advised to make use of guided tours to see the diversity of the population and to experience the culture.

Fauna And Flora

Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve: This spectacular reserve consists of 7 750 ha of indigenous fauna and flora. Various species of mammals including zebra, springbok, eland and various other species of buck live here, as well as over 150 species of birds. There are many drives, walks and picnic spots in the reserve and great care has been taken to protect the environment.

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