This lovely place owes its name to the hills in Hungary where Tokai grapes were first grown. The Tokai Forest Reserve launched a reforestation project in 1883 and, as a result of this plan, large pine trees still cover large parts of the nearby Constantia Mountain, enveloping the area in their characteristic fragrance.

Fauna And Flora

The Tokai Forest Reserve on the mountain lies largely isolated from the sounds of the city and is the perfect getaway. It is a fertile area that offers a home to birds, porcupines, squirrels, klipdassies, black jackals and baboons. Picnic areas and fun runs, as well as horse-riding-, hiking- and mountain-biking routes, add to its attraction. The arboretum in the forest is home to a rich variety of indigenous and exotic tree species including Californian redwoods and oaks. It is a national monument and dates from 1885. The lovely view from Elephant’s Eye Cave is well worth the effort of a steep walk up Constantia Mountain, accompanied by lovely birdsong. An additional treat is the mushroom display and in-season mushroom picking at the information centre.

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