Westonaria, proclaimed in 1938, developed alongside the Libanon and Venterspost Gold Mines. The town’s history speaks of struggle and endurance as mineshaft after mineshaft was sunk and abandoned time and again. In the two decades after its inception, more successful mines were started by the Western Areas Gold Mining Company (from which the town got its name), the Kloof Gold Mining Company and the Elsburg Gold Mining Company. These mining companies managed to extract a vast quantity of gold from tremendously deep workings, over the following years. Although the gold-mining industry is on the decline, Westonaria remains a close-knit community that includes ten suburban townships.

Adventure And Sport

Skydiving: A landing strip and clubhouse for skydivers has been built at the Westonaria Dam Resort, as skydiving is a very popular outdoor attraction in the area. The generally good weather, especially during the summer months, makes this area, with its clear blue skies and wide, open valley, an ideal skydiving venue.

Entertainment And Shopping

Donaldson Dam: The dam has camping facilities.

History And Architecture

Pullinger Shaft: The historic value of the Pullinger shaft lies in the fact that this was the shaft that led to the eventual development of deep-level gold mining. Mining operations were thwarted time and again by the 1 200 m of dolomite that cover the West Rand area and for a long time successfully locked away the rich gold deposits beneath it. The two people who eventually made it possible to unlock this treasure chest were the German geophysicist, Rudolf Krahmann and his colleague, Leopold Reinecke, who first used a magnetometer to probe for gold below the dolomite barrier.

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