Wilderness is a bustling little holiday town, surrounded by rolling green coastal hills and ensconced between the beautiful Touws River Lagoon and a magnificent sandy beach. A string of six lakes, stretching for over 40 km along the coast from the Wilderness to the Goukamma River valley, forms the backbone of the Wilderness Lake Area, which is managed by the National Parks Board.

Adventure And Sport

Adventure Activities: Activities that are popular in the area include mountain-biking, diving, canoeing, abseiling, surfing, hang-gliding, paragliding and horse riding.

Hiking: Hiking trails traverse the estuarine environment, some of which take only a few hours while the entire circuit takes a day to complete. Five of South Africa’s species of kingfishers can be spotted here.

Water-sport: The lakes are ideal for angling, board-sailing and yachting. Power-boating and water-skiing are allowed on the lagoon, but only canoes and rowing boats are allowed to venture further up the Touws River.

Art And Crafts

Wilderness Art Route: The route includes the studios of many talented artists as well as craft markets. The Wilderness Craft Market is located on the banks of the Touws River and is normally held on the last Sunday of every month. Rangers of the South African National Parks Board run the market and the funds raised are used to upgrade facilities and improve the lives of the local communities.

Fauna And Flora

Bird-watching: The lakes of Langevlei and Rondevlei are unspoilt areas, where the coastal fynbos mixes at the water’s edge with reeds, rushes and water grasses. They provide one of the richest refuges for waterfowl in South Africa.

Kaaimans River Bridge: Follow the example of professional photographers and use the bridge as a vantage point from which to photograph the countryside.

Pied Kingfisher Trail: The route takes one along the boardwalk from which one has ample opportunities to see a large variety of birds.

Viewpoints: There are exceptionally beautiful viewpoints all over the region that allow magnificent sceneries of lakes, forests, coastline and mountains.

Whale-watching: The coastline has several good spots, such as Dolphin’s Point, from which whales and dolphins can be observed. Generally, the best time of the year for whale-watching is from June to October.

Wilderness National Park: The Wilderness National Park incorporates the lake area that lies between Sedgefield and Wilderness. A rich variety of small mammals and birds live in the park’s wide-open waterways, reed beds and marshes and surrounding bush and forests. The park has gained recognition for its prolific bird life and its inhabitants include large wading birds, such as pink flamingos and African spoonbills. Of the 95 species of South African waterfowl, 75 can be spotted here.

Woodville Big Tree: This tree is an astonishing 800 years old! Its massive branches make for a great picnic spot.

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