Travellers usually want to know the quality of an accommodation before placing their bookings. Try to write a marketing accommodation listing review that will provide useful information for your potential guests and paint a picture of their experience staying at your place. Of course, your reviews must be as unbiased as possible. You will never go wrong with simply providing the information that will appeal to your guests and focuses on the guests experiences. Put yourself in the shoes of a traveller and try to come up with a list of problems you will face. Stick with content that informs and educates the reader.
To help get you going, ask yourself:

  • What are my guests expecting from the accommodation property?
  • What do my guests like to do?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions from my guests?
  • What is the most impactful communication I can generate to begin to develop a relationship with travellers who find me online?

Many travellers will simply mute out overly promotional messaging that screams, “My accommodation/destination is great!” However, if you educate your potential guests or perhaps even entertain them, you will grab their attention.

Use words that sell

Sell the experience of staying at your accommodation. Remember you are selling more than just a place to sleep. You are selling a weekend getaway or a seamless business trip.

Tell your story

Connect all of the outstanding elements of your accommodation so that they tell a story both visually and verbally. Take guests on a journey through your property from exterior to guest room using properly ordered photographs that hit the accommodation’s high-points. Written content should flow seamlessly from paragraph to paragraph, setting the standards for guest expectations.

Be unique

Each accommodation has unique features that set it apart from all the rest. Is it your exceptional customer service and freshly baked cookies? Your outstanding location? Your South African cuisine restaurant? Help your guests discover what makes your accommodation special.

Add good quality photography or marketing videos

Whether you like it or not, travellers will ‘judge a book by its cover’. For travellers, photographs of your property or marketing videos, reflect your place and the experience they will have there. They want to see exactly where they will be staying , the areas they will hang out in, etc. Shoot as many room types and public spaces in your establishment as you can. High-point your property’s exterior, public spaces, dining facilities, meeting rooms, guestrooms and bathrooms.
Poorly lit, grainy photos will not sell your accommodation. No matter how nice it is or what a deal the price is. Do not go cheap on creating your visual marketing assets by asking your child to take images on the iPhone (you would be surprised how many accommodation owners do this). Present the best side of your accommodation property by investing in quality vendors to create your marketing materials or else risk looking like a place people do not want to stay in.

Accommodation establishment details

Travellers research and make decisions based on amenities, so leaving something out does not give the guest the full picture of what your accommodation establishment offers. Make sure your accommodation listing review has all the details travellers want about location, rooms, services, in-house dining and more. If you have washers and dryers in the rooms, clearly state that on the room’s page. If you have free coffee in the lobby, make it known.

Local area and transportation

The first thing most travellers want to know when arriving in a new city is where they are staying in relation to the rest of the city. Help orient your guests by providing destination content about your location and providing public transportation options available.

Local activities and events

Take time to research your accommodation establishment local area and include nearby attractions and activities that guests can enjoy during their stay time. Be sure to include local events and remember to update events at least quarterly.
Travellers are hungry for details that will incentive their stay. So, avoid being vague (“We’re close to all major attractions!”) and instead practice giving precise information that will help them explore your destination and make the most of their stay. Tell them what attractions are around you; within walking distance, driving distance, etc (“We are just a 10-minute drive from “Gateway” in Durban North.”)

Regularly update your listing

Guests look for timely information. Therefore, making regular updates to your listing is a must. Regularly refresh special offers, information about local attractions, events and hotel details.

Encourage and respond to guest reviews

Travellers will always believe other travellers over you. So, encourage guest reviews both during and after guests’ stays. Don’t let the amazing experience you offer guests go unnoticed, so encourage and ask for the feedback.