Zastron was laid out on JH du Winnaar’s farm Verliesfontein in 1876 and was named after the wife of Free State President, Johannes Brand. Renier du Winnaar, brother of the owner and a superb storyteller, became a legend in the area – the Rip van Winkle of Zastron. His stories, mostly about his brushes with the supernatural, have become part of South Africa’s myths and legends. One of his most outrageous stories concerns the famous “Eye of Zastron”, a hole 9 m in diameter, in a cliff on the slopes of the Aasvoelberg (Vulture Mountain) and how the mountain acquired its “big hole”. His grave lies at the foot of Eeufeeskloof. This area was also a favourite haunt of the San. They lived here long before the Basotho and Voortrekkers arrived on the scene and left a treasured legacy of San rock paintings and engravings for us to enjoy.

Adventure And Sport

Cycling: Contact the Information Centre in town for more information on cycling routes.

Hiking: Hikers can test their endurance on the Aasvoelberg Hiking Trail or one of the other trails such as Die Kloof and Quaggafontein trails on the farms of private landowners.

Horse riding: Various opportunities for horse riding exist. The Quaggafontein Horse Trail is a popular choice and overnight options are available.

Hunting: Farms in the vicinity of the town offer hunting in season.

Montagu Dam: Montagu Dam is ideal for water sport, picnicking and camping. The dam is situated approximately 8 km from the town on the Sterkspruit Road.

Trout-fishing: The Eeufeeskloof Dam Resort lies to the west of the town and is often frequented by trout fishermen.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Rock Art: A cave on Glen Rosa Farm houses a 5m-high, perfectly preserved polychrome San rock art frieze considered to be one of the world’s most important pieces of historic artwork. The Hippopotamus Cave derived its name from the many drawings of hippo on its walls. The cave has also yielded the remains of San cooking utensils and many potsherds.

Art And Crafts

Art Gallery: The art gallery in Main Street has several exquisite works of art for sale.

Palaver Hut Museum: The Palaver Hut Museum has a collection of West African tribal art on display.

Entertainment And Shopping

Farm holidays: Some farmers in the district have opened up their homes for tourists. Farm holidays include activities typically associated with farming, as well as adventure activities, such as hiking and horse riding.

Fauna And Flora

Cape Vultures: Aasvoelberg, with its strange circular rock formations also referred to as the “Eye of Zastron”, is the only place in the Southern Free State where Cape Vultures are found.

Eeufeeskloof: Eeufeeskloof to the west of the town, offers breathtaking views of the town and surroundings.

History And Architecture

Anglo-Boer War Monument: The Anglo-Boer War Monument is situated in front of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Battlefield: The 2 072-m high Vechtkop Peak, site of the battlefield where Louw Wepener defeated the Basotho chief, Poshudi, in 1849, lies immediately east of the town.

Cable Car: The cable car, built in 1957 by Charles Moss, was used to enter the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Historical Grave: The grave of JH Du Winnaar, founder of the town, is located in Chase Street.

Natural Wonders

Eye of Zastron: The Eye is a nine-metre hole in the rock beneath the summit of Aasvoelberg (“Vulture Mountain”). This natural wonder was most probably caused by erosion.

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